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PACKETA group in numbers

255 000 000 €
Annual Turnover
140 000+
Pick-up points
Countries we deliver to
90 000 000
Parcels transported
46 000+

Our Emirates Story

Proud member of
Czech Business Council Dubai

In 2020 Packeta spread its wings from Europe to the forward-looking United Arab Emirates. Not even a year after, we became a proud member of Czech Business Council Dubai.

By now, we have become a strong business partner for thousands of e-commerce clients. Skyrocketing their business, making meaningful connections and delivering not only parcels, but mainly results.

Nowadays, we deliver to all of the emirates and very soon will be able to offer the option of delivery to Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Oman.


Our Vision

Innovation first!

As a leading tech company we are setting trends beyond the gates of logistics.

Parcel delivery is not the endgame

Think robotization, drone delivery and sustainability

We are setting trends beyond the gates of logistics. Our unique vision combined with fearless hunger for innovations allows us to present solutions that are disrupting the e-commerce and defining logistics of the 21st century.

Better future for everyone

Optimalizing resources, limiting manual work and saving time—making the future safer, cleaner and more enjoyable for everyone!


The one-of-a-kind robot for parcel sorting

Rapid parcel dispatch

Up to 15 kg

Oversized parcel handling

10 mins charging,
 2 hours running

Innovative solution — first in Europe

Parcel sorting 50% faster

PackMen sort parcels twice as fast as humans. They can sort up to 10K parcels in just 1 hour!

Besides that, our robots’ navigation is exceptional–they ride on particularly engineered mats that contain microchips which guide the robots on their way.

Charging time only 10 mins

With having to charge only for 10 minutes, PackMan can run up to 2 hours. It lasts up to 10K charging cycles which makes its life span incredibly long.

We are the first company in Europe that has implemented robotic parcel sorting in depots. Let’s say it: we’re depot-robotization pioneers!


Cutting-edge technology

Efficient. Modern. Sustainable. In Packeta, we work on projects that have the potential to revolutionize whole industries. Advanced tech, renewable resources and innovative solutions. That’s why we are a mile ahead of our competitors.

Delivery by drones

Solar-powered Z-BOXes

Future hydrogen station

Couriers on electric bikes

Packeta mobile app

Car Delivery

Delivery by drones

We first introduced our parcel delivering drone at Expo 2020 Dubai. For its development, we challenged young talented students at Czech Technical University in Prague to cooperate with us and create something truly revolutionary.

WHY Packeta?

5 reasons to join forces with Packeta and deliver parcels worldwide


Cutting-edge delivery options

Home delivery, contactless Z-BOX, automated Z-BOT or one of thousands of our pick-up points.
 Packeta = freedom in delivery.


Fast & quality worldwide delivery

Rely on our global logistics network and unique technological ecosystem that deliver happiness to your customers in no time.


Easy integration with a single API

We like to keep things simple. Our clients can use all our services with a single API integration. Why have dozens of different contracts when all you need is one true partner?


Skyrocket growth & scale

We help our clients grow and expand to new markets. We take care of market entry, customs declaration and even provide support to local customers.


Strong e-commerce partner

So far, we have entities in 7 and deliver to 34 countries. We have partnered with more than 60 global carriers and offer great shipping capacity as well as return logistics.


Satisfied clients

Join forces with Packeta!

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Simona Kijonková

The first lady of Czech e-commerce, PR persona of the year, Marketer of the year. These are just some of the awards the Packeta founder & CEO received so far. Dubai is a favorite destination of our lady, who–thanks to her own idea–changed the world of e-commerce and built an incredible company, which as of today reaches a turnover of millions of euros.


Expo 2020 DUBAI

Packeta at Expo 2020 Dubai: At the Czech Republic pavilion we introduced our drone as well as PackMen

It was an honor for us to be a part of Expo 2020 Dubai. From October 23 to November 14, we had the opportunity to present our services in the Czech Republic pavilion.
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packeta at expo 2020 dubai vol. 2

Given the success that was Expo 2020 Dubai and the positive brand perception of Packeta, we achieved something fantastic: Packeta was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to participate in next year’s Expo as well!

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